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Best Silk Base Closure Hot-selling Virgin Hair with Baby Hair Smooth Feeling Silky Straight No Tangle Dyable Natural Color

Item No. : Brazilian Straight SK
Style : Silky Straight

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Human Hair Type:
Selected 100% Premium Brazilian Virgin Hair
Closure Type:
Silk Base Closure
Lace Size:
Baby Hair:
Fine Natural-looking Baby Hair
Hair Density:
120% Medium Density
Hair Style:
Silky Straight
Hair Color:
Natural Color
Hair Length:
Available From 12" to 16"
If you want hair density or hair length other than listed above, please contact us
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Since the hair care products you use can go a long way toward helping or harming your Best Silk Base Closure, invest wisely in these products and choose only those that are gentle and hydrating. Buy shampoos that are gentle and which have hydrating properties and a conditioner that has moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and wheat germ. Completely massage your scalp with the shampoo, and don't forget to apply a conditioner following a shampoo. Thoroughly condition your hair prior to exposing it to chlorine. Prior to bathing or swimming in any setting, thoroughly hydrate your Best Silk Base Closure and give it a protective conditioner barrier. If you want to protect your hair while swimming, you can apply conditioner to keep chlorine from infiltrating the hair shaft and damaging it. It is also advisable to rinse the hair with a small amount of club soda after swimming. Using the correct amount of shampoo and conditioner will be helpful in getting the best Best Silk Base Closure possible. Shampoo overuse and too little conditioner will cause brittle and damaged hair. It is advisable to shampoo no more than once every week, and for every other day, simply use a conditioner. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water that is mixed with conditioner to remove any trace of styling products, dirt and oil. Apply a lot of conditioner on your hair, brush through, and wash thoroughly prior to styling it. It's particularly important to condition your hair when it's hot or humid outside during the summer. Steer clear of synthetic oils. Be very particular about what products you use on your precious hair. Synthetic oils, like mineral oil and petroleum oil, are known to dehydrate Best Silk Base Closure. Remember to avoid hairsprays and styling creams that contain drying alcohol. Take care of your Best Silk Base Closure tips The tips of your hair usually become the driest part of your hair. You can maintain and take care of the tips of your hair by combing natural oils and conditioners into the ends of your hair..virgin human hair malaysian curly hair full lace wigs human hair
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good quality
I ordered the hair about 3 weeks ago it came within a week of me ordering. I waited until I colored and installed the hair. So far so good, hair came back to it natural color after and wash.

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Best Silk Base Closure Hot-selling Virgin Hair with Baby Hair Smooth Feeling Silky Straight No Tangle Dyable Natural Color