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On the other hand, shampoos are proven to work best in preventing baldness rather than treating it. Hair Loss Product: Wigs Perhaps one of the most easy to use products for hair loss is wigs. Because they can be bought anywhere and can be worn at any time of the day, it is greatly possible to "cover" your hair loss problems. However, it is inefficient in growing your hair back. The only thing that a wig can do as a hair loss product is to provide you with temporary hair which you can change and use everyday. Hair Loss Product: Lotion Lotion is proven to be very effective in growing your hair back. One good example of a hair lotion product is Rogaine. It is scientifically proven and tested to work well in treating baldness problems. However, you have to discuss the use of this hair loss product to your doctors first before applying them on your scalp. Some patients are contraindicated to use this item for several reasons.

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