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These hair extensions varyaccording to style, color and process of attachment. The newest and maybe the bestform of hair extensions is the heat-free protein bond. It is created primarilyfrom keratin just like our authentic hair and it could be personalized based onyour requirements. It is affixed using ultra-sonic vibration that moisturizesthe hair while it is being attached. This kind of hair extension could cost$20-$60 per set. One more kind is theclassic-bonded extension. It is a single extension that has many sizes andcould be joined with the pattern of your hair. It is also harmless to mostkinds of hair qualities and hues. This extension uses glue to attach. Whenemploying a classic-bonded extension, you should shun from employing a curlingiron so as not to thaw the adhesive and disconnect the extension. It is kind ofexpensive, however, and it could cost $10-$200 per set.

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