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Eating foods that contain sulfur, zinc, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Home Remedies for Hair Loss 1. Fenugreek (Menthi) paste is regularly applied to the scalp an hour before taking bath helps to overcome problems of hair loss. 2. Hibiscus leaves boiled in little water and wash with Shikakai as the hair instead of soap, shampoo helps control hair loss problem. This is also a natural hair conditioner. 3. Neem paste is applied on the scalp regularly before taking bath also reduces the problem of hair loss. 4. Durva (dub, an herb used to worship Lord Ganesha) refularly paste applied on the scalp before taking bath helps control hair loss. 5. Fenugreek paste mixed with castor oil (Eranda) applied regularly before taking bath helps to overcome hair loss problam. 6.

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