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Many women choose to wear their quality wigs at all times for cosmetic reasons. This extends to the time you spend in bed sleeping. Many women do not feel comfortable sleeping without their wig. If you are one of those women, there are several things you should know.First of all, it is not the smartest idea to wear the same wig that you wear during the day to sleep in at night. Because of all the movement you do during sleep, you are more likely to pull out hair, and put wear and tear on your human hair wigs. If you have recently switched out and bought a new human hair wig, you can use the old one to sleep in.If you do choose to sleep in an older wig, you still need to take care of it as you would a new, quality one. You should brush it every morning upon waking. The daily brushing routine will keep the hair from becoming frizzy or matting together.

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