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It is important that one does notwash extensions everyday because it can loosen or wear off the bonds.Anotherpoint is that it is important to condition or moisturize your hair after everywash, because unlike our natural oils that released through our scalp, extensionshave no way of getting conditioned. If you fail to condition, your extensionsare in danger of getting ragged and brittle and will eventually split. Also,because of the nature of hair extensions, one has to make more effort to washbetween the weave and the braids. Second, while brushing your hair, make sureto be extra gentle.Moreoften, we take our hair for granted and brush our hair roughly, almost to thepoint of yanking out the strands. However, with hair extensions, you're notonly in risk of yanking out hair extensions, but also your natural hair. Onehas to be even more careful with hair extensions. Brush in a downward motion.

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