full lace Human hair

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A lace wig is made completely of a soft French or Swiss lace in several sections and the wig maker will take darts in the lace to make the material contour the head and because of this it is possible to get a glove tight fit for the wearer. This is especially important in the top and frontal area as this is where the hair must flow naturally and the way the lace is configured hair direction will be affected if the lace is not placed correctly. Once the wig maker has the cap completed they can do a final fitting to be sure the fit is correct and the front is smooth and tight. If adjustments need to be done this is the time to do it and a final fitting can be done just to check. Once the cap is finished the wig maker can now begin ventilating the hair into the base. This is done with a hooked ventilating needle that can be gauged to pick up as many hairs as needed for a section of the wig.

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