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The other day I got my hair cut short, and my workmate was very surprised. It is true that nowadays even men tend to wear long hair, not to mention women. It is also true that a girl with beautiful long hair wont have it tied up all days. It is said to be beneficial for your hair as well as your feminine outlook. However, there are occasions when you need to bind it. Then a lovely hair-band is a must Here I am going to introduce this lovely LV Celeste Hair Cube to you. As part of the Celeste collection, it features two pearly pink discs decorated with golden-colored Monogram flowers. The disc is made from resin whereas the flower is made form golden-finished brass. With a fresh and feminine theme, this Louis Vuitton elasticized hair accessory is both beautiful and functional for every day. Perhaps you would like it. By the way, it retails for $290.00.

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