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Our hair is actually question protein called keratin. Hair is simply the substance known as keratin protein especially noticed on the human head. We are very ardently our hair care, but few of them know that the issue is in fact dead. The real lives of our hair lies beneath the surface of the scalp and is usually called the follicle, which feeds the dead cells for our loops keeping traffic. The hair will look because of the excessive sebum activity, but lack of sebum function could give adverse effects like making hair dry and dull. The blood circulating around the hair follicle allows the big hair appearance in the healthy body.Anemia or less blood can affect the hair, in which the body is first reflected in unhealthy unhealthy hair. Hair loss and baldness or dandrff is a problem of hair. The best way to combat or prevent hair loss or baldness Such is the use of natural herbs for hair.

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