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Apply a processing cap, leave on for eight hours, and wash out with a conditioning shampoo. Consider using a color-depositing shampoo as the olive oil treatment set your hair in condition to accept color and absorb evenly.Use a conditioning gloss or color correction process. Conditioning gloss improves the vitality of hair, making it shiny and manageable. It lasts up to six weeks, and may prevent further damage or hair loss. Try a color correction process, removing hair color and depositing new hair color that fortifies your hair during the color process with nutrients, such as wheat germ, soy and keratin.Tips and WarningsHair conditioners bought in the drugstore contain harsh ingredients because they are more economical for the brand to produce. Buy conditioner and other hair products at hair salons or beauty stores. The purpose of shampoo is to strip the hair of oil and dirt. Those with damaged hair need the oil.

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