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When hair is depleted from its natural oils due to chemicals or improper care the result is frizzy, hard to manage hair. You can easily tame down frizzy hair with these tips that will help moisturize it without breaking your pockets. Do not wash hair daily. Wait for at least four to seven days before your next wash. Washing your hair too often strips away its natural oils.Use a moisturizing hair conditioner.Use leave in hair treatments.When you wash your hair always use conditioner and do not rinse it off completely.Avoid or limit the use of harsh chemicals present in hair colors, relaxers etc.Limit sun exposure.Limit the use of heat styling products such as the hot irons, blower etc.Deep condition hair every week.Use anti-frizz finishing products.Use hair products that help protect it from UV rays. The label should say UVA & UVB Protection or SPF.

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