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After this, the initial chemical solution is put on the shaft of the hair and what it really does is it makes the hair shaft softer and the strands become flexible for it to be prepared in the shape-changing process. The hair is then washed out to eliminate the neutraliser and with the hair water, the hair is washed. The hair will now be sectioned into smaller sections for straightening with the use of flat irons. Through the flat irons, the collagen and keratin is stimulated as well as drying the hair throughout the process.Why pick this kind of process?The Yuko Hair Straightening procedure may take about 2 hrs for hair with medium length and requires a lot of steaming. Next chemical is then put on and this time, what it does is it place the hair strand to what it is treated for-smooth and straight. It will be left on the hair for about fifteen minutes prior to the chemical is cleaned off and sprayed again with hair water.

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