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After this is done, your hair is rinsed, youll get a deep conditioning treatment and the stylist blow dries your hair. ResultsKeep in mind that everyones results will vary depending on hair type, texture and length. But for the most part, youll have hair that is more manageable than you ever dreamed it could be. You can even wash and go if you want. Rain, wind, snow, even swimming pools are no longer an issue since you dont have to be concerned with whether or not your hair can stand up against a little humidity or strange weather. If you do get it wet, you can simply restyle it in less than 20 minutes because you wont have to fight with it anymore. Best of all, if for some reason you feel the Brazilian blowout isnt for you, you can have your original curls and waves back only after about three months. No need to cut your hair and start over like you would if you had a relaxer.

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