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For those brave souls who want to keep their gray, a silver-enhancing shampoo can keep hair from looking dull or yellow.Gray strands are incredibly resistant to hair color: Depending on your hair, you may find that certain home hair-color formulas especially the less permanent versions - simply can't cope with your silver strands. If you're having difficulty at home, why not go to a salon? Chances are, a color technician can hide every last trace of gray.Adding excitementExcitement is a subjective term - especially when it comes to hair color. To me, exciting hair color is color that is better (I know, another subjective word) than nature. On my own head that translates to "brighter than the mousy, light brown buried under my gold highlights." For someone else, exciting means brash, such as bombshell blonde or high-intensity auburn. Another person might see exciting as sensuous, embodied by a glossy espresso or cool aubergine.

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