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So let's talk some truth that most won't. Our hair is one of, if not the single most important fashion accessory we obsess over. Second to none, our mass collection of designer jeans, handbags, and six inch stiletto pumps will sadly fail if that one most important element, our hair, falls down on the job. Replacing and trading in our used up blue jeans, softened and distressed leather handbags, or broken off stiletto heels, is certainly no match in having to admit defeat of overprocessed and damaged hair. We see it, live it, and hate it every time we turn the corner. Whether staring straight into the face of the most up-to-date fashion diva with three toned singed hair, giving subtle clues of "please look at my shoes," or ahead at ourselves in the mirror to an unwanted truth of less than lovely locks, the reality is, many of us just overdo it to death.

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