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There are many ways the extensions can be made to stick or stay attached to your head. Some of the most common form of extensions used in modern times are clip extensions, where the hair extensions are clipped to your head by - yes, clips. Next method is link method whereby hair is made to stick using silicon. The new have the taped extension where the extensions are sandwiched between layers of hair with the help of tapes that are attached to the extensions. Then there are the more sophisticated types of hair extensions done in Perth, these are keratin bonding where the extensions are stuck to or using the proper nomenclature, bonded to your scalp with the help of keratin, which is the same material that your hair is made up of. The last is the tracking where the extension is sewed on to your natural hair which is braided prior to the sewing on of extension. This is supposed to be the most natural hair friendly extension method.

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