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Other hair care products such as smoothing creams and alcoholfree gels (that trap the moisture in your black people hair extensions and keep it soft) and deep treatment masks (that keeps chemical damage caused by sun, dust and heat at bay) can also be employed judiciously to keep unruly curls under control. But, as I always say and cannot say enough, please check the correct variety for your hair. Seek the help of a hair care specialist if need be. Just because a product is expensive, it does not mean that it will suit your hair. Hair type plays a vital role for determining the frequency of washing black people hair extensions. If you have thick hair, you can wash it even daily. But for dry hair, you must wash it only for a couple of times a week. For normal hair, people can wash it every alternate day. People who constantly work in dry and air conditioned places must wash their hair twice a week at least, and must also apply proper conditioners afterward. If you work in a place where your hair gets oily and dusty quickly, then you must wash it on alternate days. Raw Virgin Remy vs. Virgin RemyNow that we have covered the difference between virgin remy and black people hair extensions, it will be easier to understand the difference between raw virgin remy hair and virgin remy hair. Raw virgin remy hair is hair that has been preserved in its natural state, merely using gentle conditioning to wash the black people hair extensions. Virgin remy however has a hint of relaxer in it.

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