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Being a Qualified Hairdresser, I am often asked about dry hair or blowing hair? Your hair normally has a moisture content of around 10%. With the harsh weather conditions and over washing your hair, it can sometimes leave your hair feeling dry, which is when your moisture content drops below the 10% level. By using a good moisturising conditioner, this helps bring your moisture level back up, so your hair feels soft and beautiful. Good moisturises have what is called humectants, that not only replace the lost moisture but actually attract moisture and retain it in the cortex of the hair. Which is basically under the skin as a very simple explanation? The hair structure is very complex. What are good moisturisers? Look for the Essential fatty acids or EFA's, and I suggest the safflower oil. This oil is one of the best and most cost effective and it's actually the kinder you cook with.

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