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But, as you can see, I've continued to keep my extension concealed by starting off low and then working my hair upward. Now, another piece of tip that you might try if you do want to go just slightly higher, come to the front of the extension. If you expose the front of the extension, you can take your comb, grab a little bit of the original hair and the extension hair and you can offer a little back comb where the extension seam goes. And then brush it on the underside just to create some smoothness. So, when I go a little bit higher with my extension here in front, I still have some coverage so I'm not completely exposed. And I'm going to want to do the same thing underneath the extension so that we're just going to pin that hair up. And underneath there, I'm just going to add a little bit of some teasing so when I go up and over my extension I'm offering a little bit more of a concealed look. Okay, so let's continue on.

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