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Next Herbal-H increases the blood circulation to the cells, which is an important requirement for any hair loss treatment and revitalizes hair follicles by shifting them back into an active phase from their dormant state.What Are The Success Rates For This Hair Loss Treatment?Herbal-H is a proven, highly successful formulation that has been seen to be effective in 95% of all men in reversing male pattern baldness or what is also referred to as Androgenic alopecia. Applied in an easy to use spray format, it is totally chemical free meaning no side effects. Unlike any other medicine promising hair loss treatment, Herbal-H does not cause any damage to the stomach or liver because it uses the non toxic compound Herbal Minoxidil. What Is Herbal Minoxidil?The solution is a mixture of 2% Minoxidil and herbal ingredients which together work to create what is referred to as herbal Minoxidil.

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