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So you are losing your hair. You need to understand your hair so you can get it to stop falling out, and re-grow it before it is to late.Hair CompositionStrands are made of keratin, which is a protein and helps to harden it. Hey, this is the same stuff that makes up the products, Couvr茅 and Toppik, used to provide a fuller set of hair for those of us having thinning problems. Keratin also hardens the hair and makes your nails hard.Now your it is not alive. It is formed from dead cells secreted by your follicles. These follicles are fed by blood vessels and provide an oil gland to make your it shine.Each strand is divided into three layers:Cuticle: Is the outer layer of your hair. Its job is to protect the cortex.Cortex: Contains melanin which determines the color of your hair.Medulla: Is the inner part of the hair strand.Growth CycleThe normal growth cycle is to grow for two to six years at about six inches a year.

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