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A good turbine driven upholstery tool, with a airflow driven revolving brush, will solve most pet hair problems on your upholstery.Another problem with pet hair is that it will clog up a vacuum cleaner hose if you pick up a hair ball or clump of pet hair at one swipe. The way to solve this problem is to vacuum slowly when using a hose with attachments. You should also vacuum slowly so that your vacuum cleaner is not "gulping" the hair in huge clumps. Having a powerful vacuum cleaner motor will certainly help. Motors are ranked by the number of amps of electricity they use. The more important feature, when picking up pet hair, is how many fans the motor has. A motor with two fans, will pull the air, and also the pet hair, almost fifty percent harder than a motor with one fan.There are many higher end vacuum cleaners that use natural fiber brushes, have motors with double fans, and even have turbine driven brushes for your upholstery cleaning.

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