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If the pH is too high, under alkaline conditions the scalp and easy expansion, dye intermediates penetrate the hair dye in alkaline easily oxidized color, and accelerate the dyeing speed; in the hair dye process, however, a strong alkaline dyes which easily lead to skin irritation, while storage will accelerate dye intermediates oxidation rate, shorten the shelf life. If the PH is low, the oxidation reaction has not been completely the same bow I played dyeing effect weakened. Generally dye part of the pH value is about 9-11.The hair dye聭s viscosity should be controlled to a certain target when it is in preparation and operation. Because viscosity of the dye is also involved in the effect of dyed hairs. If the tretinoin viscosity is low, in the process of hair, it could easily lead to contaminate scalp, clothes. And the hair dye paste is easy to stick on surface of the hair, making hair uneven and impact the dyed effect.

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