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Artificial colors, synthetic shampoos, imitation dyes are all veryharmful for your hair and may lead you to premature grey hair.Use the correct shampoo for your type of hair, and try to use naturebased products for the best results. Alternatively, pull out thatrecipe book from the attic and use some of the home-products for haircare, for a cheap and efficient cure for your damaged hair.Keep them Nourished: In their eagerness to have flowing locks, mostgirls forget to give the hair their due nourishment. Hair is like otherparts of your body, it also needs nutrition. The best nutritionpossible is a healthy and balanced diet, and avoidance of fast foodslike French fries. For local nourishment, use a good massage of hot oilat least once a week to keep your hair in shape. The oil gets absorbedin the scalp and passes on the hair through the roots. Olive oil isconsidered to be the best, followed closely by almond oil and coconutoil.

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