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Mr. Van Horn was a Hollywood wig maker who created a way to treat the fine lace used for the fronts of wigs to help it hold up under the rigors of film making. Usually in the course of making a movie the wig maker will have to replace the front lace of a wig every day. Between the application of the lace front, the makeup and the actual acting the delicate lace becomes worn very quickly so a daily re-front was always the way. The treatment was developed help get a little more time out of each front and keeps the re-fronting down. There is one hair piece factory that has the formula for this lace treatment and maybe a handful of wig makers so it remains a rarity to the general public but the benefits are unbelievable to the consumer. A Van Horn Lace is basically a fine Swiss Lace on steroids. You get the light natural appearance and realistic hair line but you get a durability that is not possible with other laces.

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