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If you have Kadi natural braid hair you will have to keep them from tanglingwithin themselves. Make sure you take the right care of your hair whilesleeping. While sleeping you cannot care for your hair and avoid them fromtangling. It is best to tie your hair with a rubber band. Tie scarf in yourhair to keep them from tangling.While traveling, you will not have to take tension about natural braidhairstyles. You can tie your hair the way you want without worrying about thestyle messing up. But for long distance travels make sure you wear a hat or tiea scarf. But with the braids you can worry less about breakage or thinning ofhair.Washing natural braid hairstyle is simple and easy. You can wash your hair theregular way. The only thing you need to be careful about is the shampoo. Neverdirectly apply the shampoo into your hair. Take some shampoo in your hand anddilute it with some water. Apply this diluted solution on your hair.

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