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High production costs made it too expensive for most to purchase, so the industry began rely more on human and synthetic.Human hair comes from many different countries all over the world. People who don't want theirs cut it off, and others can then enjoy the use of it. In some cultures, hair is used for payment, and in others it is used in religious practices. No matter where the hair has come from, by the time it reaches the beauty supplier's shelves, it has been thoroughly washed and sanitized for use. Of course, some of that hair is colored by a special dyeing process, and some is used to make wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions.Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair and more readily available than horsehair. The main difference between human and synthetic material is that human hair burns more easily than the synthetic varieties. It cannot withstand a high level of heat. Synthetic hair also doesn't look as generic as human.

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