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It is made up of soft, slender hair that appears on the third to fourth months of fetal life. These hairs usually shed off after birth. Vellus hair is the term used to identify the short hairs found all over the body except the palms, soles, and the underside of the fingers. Terminal hair develops from vellus hair during puberty. Terminal hairs are coarser, longer and more pigmented than vellus hair. They usually develop on the armpits, genital areas, faces of males, and in some parts of the trunk and legs. The most obvious of the terminal hairs is the head hair. Functions The most important function of hair is heat conservation in order to insulate the body from the cold temperature. In other mammals, different hair color and color patterns serve as defense mechanisms by acting as camouflage. Modified hairs called quills like those of the porcupine serve as physical defense mechanisms.

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