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Treating your hair when necessary is also important if you are to achieve the look of healthy hair. If your experience more than normal amounts of breakage, then this may indicate that a treatment should be used to correct this. It may be breaking because it is too dry and may require the use of a moisturizing deep conditioner. If it both weak and dry it may need a deep conditioner with both protein and moisture. It is also important to be careful with a protein conditioner. The addition of too much protein will cause the hair to feel very stiff and will be more likely to break. Another common source of damage is frictional and sun damage. Frictional damage is usually due to the hair rubbing against the clothing being worn. The UV rays from the sun can also cause the hair to become damaged. To lessen frictional damage, you can choose to style it in a bun, or any other style that keep the hair from brushing against your clothing.

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