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There are many shampoos and other relatedhair products available which promise to remove this condition, but they areall unsuccessful. The user might find their hair to be dandruff free for maybetwo days after the shower, but it will soon resume. Therefore it is importantto find out the reason for the same and attack it at the roots.If a person worksat a job that keeps them busy and within closed doors for hours together, theydont get any fresh air. And their body temperature will also be higher thannormal, all this adds to tension and hair gets stressed out. This in turn willlead to any kind of ailments, for some they would catch a cold or throatinfection, whereas others might witness hair loss, or other infections.Different body compositions react differently when subjected to difficultsituations. To deal with these and to ensure they dont get too serious, theperson needs to take it easy or take up an activity that will help relax them.

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