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Gaston Lace Wigs stock the finest lace wigs in the UK. Lace wigs are the most expensive type of wigs on the market ?however, Gaston endeavor to price them at the best value for their customers. Gaston have various types of lace wig, most notably they have the lace wig which has a lace front, and this means that the lace front covers the hairline and the visible parts of the wig, providing a smooth, unnoticeable sheen over the hair. The rest of the lace wig is made up of a less fragile material, so the lace wig is less susceptible to tearing or ripping. The lace front wigs are by far the most popular as they have proved to be the most durable yet effective wig on the market.The lace wigs are made up of the finest quality natural hair, and Gaston only stock wigs with remy hair and Brazilian hair. Remy hair keeps the cuticle layer, which is the outside layer of the hair strand.

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