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* Shaving:Shaving is surely the most well-known method to remove unwanted body hair and it's also still the most popular one. Shaving is cheap, easy and relatively quick. Other advantages of shaving are hat it leaves the skin very smooth and that it is absolutely painless.But unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages: Hair re-growth is much faster than with other methods and you are required to shave all 1-3 days. The re-grown hair usually feels bristly and stubbly. There is a risk to cut yourself and razor burn may be a problem for some people.* Hair removal creams:Hair removal creams are a very interesting alternative to shaving. You simply spread the cream over a patch of hair, you wait a few minutes, and then you use a washcloth soaked in warm water to wash off the cream.Here are the main advantages: They are cheap and easy to use and you don't have the stubbly effect that you usually experience after shaving.

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