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In celebrity world it's more a case of who isn't wearing a hair piece as opposed to who is! Lace wigs used to be out of reach for many who weren't celebrities due to the fact that they were custom made and hugely expensive. However prices have come down significantly enabling lace wigs to be accessible to all. However not all lace wigs are 'celebrity style' wigs. Many of the mass produced lace wigs are made from synthetic hair which can not be heat styled, permed or coloured and the caps are often an inferior quality when compared to lace wigs which are worn by celebrities. Celebrity style lace wigs are made from human hair with Swiss or French lace. This lace is so thin that the seams melt into the adhesive giving it the illusion of growing out of the scalp. Even if the hair is worn in a tight pony-tail, you can't tell it's a wig! Celebrity style full lace wigs are not only undetectable as wigs but they are very secure.

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