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Also, age plays a vital important role too. Anindividual loses his/her hairs as he/she grows older. Before you try any re-growth formula, it isimportant to analyze the causes of your hair loss because sometime simplethings like changing of diet or usage of different shampoos may do the magic.Also remember, to get better, hair re-growth product needs to be used foratleast 6-7 months (hair growth is a slow process - normally grows about" per month) on regular basis. No results will be achieved if you jumpfrom one product to another every week; at the end you might just land with acabinet full of hair re-growth formulas and an empty wallet.There are various hair restoration treatmentsavailable on the market today. Modern technology has produced some veryeffective treatments, both medical as well as surgical hair restorationtreatments. These methods include Hair Transplantation, Laser Treatment, HairWeaving, Capsules, lotions hair oils etc.

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