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The primary components of hair fiber, keratins (proteins) and melanin are hair's natural shields against UVA and UVB rays. It is a common doubt for every person who cares about the health of his/her hair.Hair care tipsThere are various ways used to maintain the hair healthy and beautiful. The regular full-strength Listerine works to help hair grow fast. I recently overheard a beauty operator advising a client to spray regular full-strength Listerine onto her hair after washing and towel drying it. This experienced to massage it into the scalp, and allow it to remain on the head instead of rinsing it away. Great products to try are motions shampoo and conditioner relaxed and natural. Get you split ends cut. If not, they will just keep splitting. the more they split the more you will need to get cut off. One way is to make sure your hair is absolutely, completely dry before you put on a toque.

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