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A poor company is going to produce a poor product, even if you do spend the money for a wig that's a bit more expensive. Do you research because the last thing you want is a synthetic wig that's on par with the wig you wore with last year's Halloween costume. For those who want a step above a synthetic but aren't quite comfortable with spending more than $300-$400, you can actually purchase a blended wig. These wigs are a mix of both real and synthetic hair. How much of each depends on the company and the style. Most are at least 50% of each. Wigs that are half and half will no doubt be much cheaper than those who use say, 80% real and 20% synthetic. The higher the percentage of real hair, the better the quality and the easier it is to maintain and style. Blended wigs are the perfect option for those who want hair as close to their own without dishing out the extra money.

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