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If there is heat or chemical damage, the dryness and split ends can be led to begin to heal by using smoothing products and the appropriate conditioner. Beginning the treatment will create the facade of undamaged hair; as treatment and trims are continued, the health of the hair will truly be restored. The conditioner should match the texture and condition of the hair just as the shampoo does. Putting the hair in a towel gently and patting will remove excess water. Rubbing is not advised, and rough combing or brushing while the hair is wet can result in breakage and loss. If a blow dryer must be used, ensure that the hair has air dried as much as is feasible to prevent heat damage.Extremely dry and damaged hair can profit from a weekly oil or hot oil treatment. This should be done when there is plenty of time, as the oil needs to be kept on the hair ideally for three to five hours. Then washing as normal can be done.

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