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Lace front wigs especially human hair wigs are one of the most available and natural looking wig styles, movie and rock stars like Janet Jackson, Tyra Banks and Beyonce often wear them to perform on worldwide, this make lace front wigs more and more popular. However, lace front wigs have both big advantages and big disadvantages, because everyone has different special needs..Just like what it sounds, a lace-front wig is a wig with a piece of lace sewn into the front and bonded to your head with double-sided tape, glue or bonding agents so that it looks like a natural headpiece. And a lace front wig has lace at the forehead extending from ear to ear or other sizes according to different requirements, which will leave you with an undetectable and unbelievably natural looking hairline. Ads:This gradual transition from sparsely spread thin hair to densely spread thick hair creates the most realistic looking wig as far as the front appearance goes.

Full Lace Front Wigs