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Fermented soy products (look for whole food products like tempeh and miso) have been shown in clinical tests to promote healthy brazilian front lace wig growth, and other fermented products are good for their B vitamin, probiotic, and trace mineral content. The list includes Kombucha, raw apple cider vinegar, and cultured vegetables. Brewers yeast and seaweeds are excellent sources of dense nutrition as well.Testimonials are not scientific, but many people rely on the advice and experience of others when they are looking for health tips. Although claims of miracles hair growth can be largely discounted, there are some things that are said to help. Olive oil, used in an organic extra virgin variety, is good to eat and also to use as a warm-pack heat treatment for hair. It is said to nourish new growth and moisturize the hair you already have. Before shampooing, comb or brush your hair to remove the knots and dirt accumulated on the brazilian front lace wig. Avoid excessive shampooing to prevent dryness. It is also advised to use a conditioner after shampooing to maintain the moisture level of your hair.Handle your brazilian front lace wig gently and with care while shampooing and drying. If possible, let the hair to dry naturally. If you have to blow dry your hair, make sure to remove excess water before using the blow dryer. It is best not to use a high temperature setting to blow dry your hair. The home remedies also include avoiding brushing or combing wet hair, staying away from excessive exposure to the sun, putting on a hat when you go out, wearing a cap while swimming to protect your hair from chlorinated water or salt water, trimming your hair regularly to prevent split-ends, not using hair care products that contain alcohol, and to drink a lot of water.?Olive oil is one of the best home remedies for baldness.

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