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Impact of genes is high in the growth and look of the hair. Because of the excessive testosterone hormone secretions follicles starts to get shrink and it end up in closing stage where no re growth of hair is possible. This hormonal imbalance happens in the body of both men and women.The possibility for thinning hair and shedding hair are high for the women in her menopause stage. An estrogen hormone generation decreases at high rate so its get total imbalance with testosterone hormone and follicle units of scalp is sensitive to this hormone which results in baldness.Person with severe diseases like thyroid, malnutrition, prolonged fever or in chemotherapy will get thinning hair or hair loss. Once they recovered from the diseases re growth of hair is sure if disease is only the cause for hair loss. Heavy dosage of tablet might change the color and texture of the hair. Then again, you can go for short wigs too if you like. If you have a round face then a short hairpiece would be absolutely ideal for you. A few of these in your closet and you will never have to worry about your sparse hair anymore. All you require to do is browse through the Internet and find out a reputed and reliable store from where you can make your purchase. Once you have found the right store then you can make your purchases without any worries.

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