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Getting rid of unsightly or unwanted body hair is something that most adults spend some time dealing with. Traditionally women have been more concerned with "unsightly" hair because it is generally considered unacceptable for a woman to have obvious facial hair, or significant growth anywhere on their bodies other than the obvious places.While men are usually content to spend five or ten minutes every day shaving their facial hair, the situation for most women is quite different. Because of cultural expectations women find themselves much more preoccupied with the task of eliminating or at least temporarily dealing with unwanted hair.Old fashioned shaving is a never ending ordeal for many women. It is time consuming, annoyingly temporary, and often quite uncomfortable - especially where nicks and cuts are involved. And there are some parts of the body where shaving just won't work for women - especially the facial areas. It's important also to remember that a synthetic wig is easy to damage with heat. Even though synthetic wigs are more natural looking than ever before they are still less natural in appearance than human hair and reflect sunlight with a sheen similar to nylon. Life expectancy of synthetic fibers will diminish more rapidly with considerable use such as sleeping and/or showering in them. The entire hair shaft from roots to ends can become fuzzy and crinkled in appearance. Whichever way you plan to go keep in mind the synthetic fibers or human hair used in wig making is lifeless. It is not rooted in the scalp where it can receive nutrients and sebum. Therefore it is necessary to continually condition any wig so that the hair remains healthy and lively looking. Heavy oils are not recommended when conditioning; Oils can cause irreparable tangling and matting to hair. Water based and silicone based conditioners are best advised.

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