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Once you have chosen a hair replacement center then try to go for follicular unit hair transplantation since it is successful in most cases.4) Find the most committed, experienced and reliable permanent hair replacement surgeon that you can, regardless of their location.5) Have a discussion with other patients, who have undergone hair replacement transplant.6) Time yourself for a personal consultation with your hair replacement surgeon.7) Reflect upon and discuss the plans, side effects if any and gain a good understanding of your treatment.8) Make sure you are a good candidate for affordable hair replacement and that you have reasonable expectations.9) Search for an affordable hair replacement center that is popular. You can even browse through the Internet to find more options for an affordable and permanent hair replacement. You can even study the brochure of Tulsa hair replacement center; they are expert in male hair replacement. When Natalie Portman shaved her head for 'V for Vendetta', she worried that "some people will think I'm a neo- Nazi or that I have cancer or I'm a lesbian". Because when you are bald, as a woman you invite scrutiny into your life- willingly or not. As (my) Nathalie explained to me, "It's difficult because I know when people look at me they'll be able to tell [I have cancer] and it's hard standing out in that kind of way. It's like an intrusion into your privacy and comfort. A stranger will be able to walk by me and know more about me than I would ever share with a stranger." She explained that she is not ashamed of having cancer or of the way she looks as a result but rather frustrated by her lack of control in the matter.

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