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Section your hair using clips. When extensions are applied there is a section of your hair referred to as the "red zone". This is wear no extensions are applied so that they won't show through when you pull your hair up. Clip away your hair within the red zone, which is located all along your hair line and approximately two inches in. Separate the remainder of your hair into 35 horizontal rows for an easier removal process. To try the bun looks absolutely perfect, it will rely on straight hair as the hair in this way receive a boost from elegance.Try different with your hair so you can always be maintained in order to create a new style,which has attracted positive attention.Practice and experiment with different hairstyles so you can see how amazingly well in 2011.This fabulous hairstyles and clothes more formal occasions perfectly.Styling a node is not difficult with a little practice you can master with a style of bread enjoyable.The hair is collected with the fingers back and secured as desired with a hair elastic and a few hairpins.The bulk hair style is actually just leave a volume effect of hair, which is great as the volume of hair is hot.In 2011, try your loose updo is very easy and simple as fabulous vintage style hair a perfect option for women who prefer the styles of vintage fashion is appreciated.

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