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What can you do if you are required to wear a hat and does it really cause hair loss? Let us examine the facts.Placing undue stress on the hair can cause hair loss. No matter what age, pulling or twisting the hair can cause it to become brittle and fall out. Wearing hats can put stress on the hair if they are worn too tight or in the process of putting it on or off. Wearing a hat day in and day out can stress the hair and speed up your hair loss.Constantly pulling your hat on and off or adjusting it can place enough stress on the hair and hair follicles to cause it to be brittle and weak. Pushing or twisting your hair to put it up under your hat can also cause stress on the hair. Weakening or damaging the hair follicles may cause it to not only fall out but to not re-grow either.Wearing a hat or hair covering too tightly may cut off the circulation to the hair roots possibly causing hair loss.

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