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Women will most likely experience hair loss after pregnancy, this is quite normal as hormonal levels are high during pregnancy, and after you give birth the falling hormones can result with hair falling out, this will cease when your hormones settle down to their pre - pregnancy levels.Using a combination of "hair products" can lead to thinning hair, but used correctly, some "hair loss treatments" can help. Also, some "hair dyes" can cause hair to fall out. "chemical hair relaxers" ( straighteners) used with "curly hair" can be dangerous to your "hair health". To "grow hair" that is healthy simply stay away from harsh chemicals.Some medications also can be responsible.There are some medications that can lead to hair loss in females. Some such medications that have been known to cause problems are: anti-depressants, birth control pills, chemotherapy of course, some blood thinners and vitamin A in excessive amounts.

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